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video production sydney

Here at Venture Films we’re passionate about story telling and we’re passionate about video production!

We've produced many successful 4WD travel programs over the years. 

We also create TV commercials, online video production, branded content, corporate video production, and video marketing for social media.  


Using the latest in camera equipment, some weeks we find ourselves in the remotest parts of Australia, and the next shooting a corporate segment in the big smoke!

We have a lot of gear, an insatiable creativity and a strong work ethic. We have amassed a team of professionals who we trust so our work is first rate every time. 

We'd love to hear about a project you or your company has in mind.


Mel and Gav, Founders

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Gavin Rawlings and Melanie Galea have worked together for many years, and over that time have built a very successful rapport.



Co-founder Venture Films

Cinematographer, Editor


"I have a deep passion for filmmaking and the technical side behind it. I’m a self-confessed ‘gear nerd’. I believe that filmmaking is just as much of a science as it is an art. When you combine the two I believe you can achieve the best result for your project and your client. My filming has taken me all over the place. Some days I’ll be treading through mud and rain in the tropics of Australia and on others I’ll be filming in dry barren desert. Next I could be filming interviews in a studio and then back in the office editing programs to tight deadlines.


Co-founding Venture Films has been an incredibly rewarding process and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next."




After mucking around with cameras and skateboards as a teenager, it was a bad break up that inspired Gavin to quit TAFE, apply for a bank loan, and buy his first professional video camera. And he reckons it was the best decision he ever made.


video production sydney

After topping his filming and editing classes, Gavin started freelancing. One of his first big jobs was being flown around in a helicopter all around Australia – a great way to hone the aerial filming skills! After shooting lots of tourism videos and events, both at home and overseas, Gav applied for a full time role at EMG with 4WD Action and was successful.


That was the start of four unforgettable years.

Traveling to countless remote corners of Australia, and taking part in many epic 4WD adventures, remote and adventure filming became Gavin’s forte.


“Working with 4WD Action, I learnt how to deal with the elements. We got stuck in floods, dragged boats through tidal mud flats, scaled high country hills, faced the Simpson Desert in 50 degree heat, lived with insect plagues, were attacked by midges, camped by croc-infested waters; whether it was torrential rain, snow, a heatwave, or minus temperatures we kept filming. All the while having a blast! It certainly makes most jobs since feel like a holiday!”


When not out on location Gavin edited the long form program as well as shorter commercial segments.

During this time, Gavin upgraded his Sony EX1 to the Sony F55 Digital Cinematography camera. It was a big step, but one that has allowed him to take his cinematography to the next level.


"Purchasing the F55 meant I had access to high end tools including high frame rates and high resolutions as well as multiple post-production work flows. I could step up the quality of my productions which was very exciting. I spent the next year researching and testing the camera and getting to know it in and out and was extremely happy with my purchase."


Following 4WD Action, Gavin worked on the Channel 10 show ‘Pat Callinan’s 4x4 Adventures’. After a while the offer to produce ‘Roothy’s LowRange’ came up, and as a result Venture Films was created!



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video production sydney


Co-founder Venture Films

Producer, Editor


“As a co-founder and producer at Venture Films my days can range from managing a crew in the middle of the outback, to directing a branding video in the middle of the city! With a wide range of experience under my belt, I enjoy collaborating with clients to achieve the video that tells their story.

Particularly interested in documentaries, I am passionate about telling stories that achieve an emotional response from an audience, inspire, or aim to alter preconceptions.”



Much to her father's dismay, Melanie applied for an early acceptance for a BA (Theatre, Theory and Practise) at UWS and was accepted. Working at a fruit shop on weekends to finance the degree, Melanie took a couple of film and TV electives during her second year and was hooked - no more theatre for this gal! University gave Melanie the opportunity to learn filming, editing, as well as producing and she loved it all.

Getting a job out of uni wasn’t easy though, and it took a friend of her Aunty to help organise some work experience to get her foot in the door. The work experience was at ‘Footprint Productions’ a small corporate production company. Work experience turned into a part time job, which became a full time job and that lasted for 4 years! Starting as Production Assistant, then Junior Editor, to Office Manager / Editor, Melanie learnt a great deal working at Footprint.


“It was fantastic working in a small company to begin with as over the years I was able to try many hats. From the initial quoting and briefing stage, to production, post-production and even a taste of producing, I was able to develop many skills that would help me be relevant in the industry.”


When it felt time to move on, Melanie applied for a role with EMG at 4WD Action and became the Production Coordinator/Editor. This was an intense role with consistent deadlines, but Melanie was up for the challenge. After a little while Melanie’s manager could see a potential for producing, and following a few trials she became a producer and was out on the road for weeks at a time.

“This is when I started working with Gavin, and we were immediately a great team. We travelled together in the camera car as he was the lead shooter and we’d identify the shots we wanted as we went. We loved trying out new ideas for the show and the characters, and both developed our skills a great deal during that time.”


Being the only female on the trips and managing a crew of blokes has its difficulties,

but Melanie loves the bush and the adventure and that makes the hard work worth it. 

After three and a half years, and having co-managed the 4WD Action team for two of those, it was time for a change. Melanie free-lanced for a year which gave her the opportunity to work on ‘Real Estate News’ on Fox Business Channel, an adventure show that aired on Channel 10, and produce the ‘Junior Ask Allan’ series for Terrain Tamer. After receiving a call from Pat Callinan to see if she’d be interested in an interview, the next day Melanie was back to full time work and traversing the country. She immediately left for a three week trip up to Northern Queensland and that was the start of her Production Manager role for the next 2 seasons of ‘Pat Callinan’s 4x4 Adventures’, airing on Channel 10.


When offered the job of producing a new show ‘Roothy’s LowRange’ with her old mates it was hard to say no, and so Venture Films was born!


“Starting Venture Films has been a fantastic experience, and it’s been very exciting to see how quickly word has gotten around. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our company.”


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video production sydney
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