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Below is a collection of some of our showreels and video productions we've worked on over the years. Venture Films has extensive experience in everything from long form TV shows to 60 second company profile videos for your business.

Whatever type of video marketing you're after, Venture Films can deliver.

If you like what you see, head on over to our CONTACT page.

Venture Films 2021 Showreel

It's been a crazy couple of years of video production since our last showreel. Hope you enjoy our latest reel.

Venture Films 2019 Showreel

Want to see what video productions we've been up to lately? Check out our 2019 showreel!

NRMA Learner Driver School

Venture Films worked in collaboration with the NRMA to create a

19 part mini series video production following mature age adults attempting to get their license. This is the introduction episode.

Gabdala Fashion Label

Venture Films was contacted by Gabdala to create a video production on their spring/summer fitness wear launch.

Super 6 High Performance

Venture Films was contacted by the Super 6 High Performance program and asked to create a video detailing what the company is about and their philosophies.

Venture Films Sizzle Reel

These are some of our favourite shots taken from all around Australia. What a beautiful country we are lucky enough to call home! We don't ever want to forget it.

ANCAP Safety Summary

The NRMA met with the team at ANCAP to find out how they're evolving the safety rating and testing systems to continue raising the bar for manufacturers. Venture Films was tasked with creating a video summarising the steps.

Venture Films 2018 Showreel

It was a big year both professionally and personally for Venture Films. Here's a snippet of some of the video productions we worked on.

Sony AXSR7 Video

Venture Films was lucky enough to get their hands on a preproduction model of the AXSR7 raw recorder from Sony. This video was used at a Sony launch night in Australia. The AXSR7 was a welcome addition to our video production toolkit.

Move for Diabetes Campaign

Move for Diabetes is a campaign endorsed by AFL ambassador Sam Reid encouraging people living with diabetes to get out and move more. Venture Films was contacted to create some video marketing content for Diabetes NSW.

Terrain Tamer Meets Jillaroo Jess

Venture films was tasked with creating a mini series for respected 4WD parts company Terrain Tamer. A challenging video production in itself - this involved us filming on a remote cattle station in North WA Australia and followed a makeover on a Toyota ute. This is the first of 6 episodes released online and on Foxtel.

Norfolk Island Video

In 1824 Norfolk Island became the 'Hell of the Pacific' - a place to send the worst felons "forever to be excluded from all hope of return”. Ironically Norfolk Island is a paradise and Venture Films was lucky enough to travel here and capture it's beauty. 

DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal Video

Venture Films can bring gimbal stabilised footage to your video production. This video was shot with our DJI Ronin 2 gimbal and the Sony F55.

Venture Films Drone Reel

Thinking of bringing some aerial drone video to your next video production? Check out our outdoor adventure drone reel and see what Venture Films can do for you.

The Blue Mountains

Some footage we've filmed from our time in the Blue Mountains. An amazing location worthy of any video production.

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