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Video Production Diaries - 'Trip to the Centre’

Updated: May 13, 2019

NEXT INSTALLMENT - 'The Story Behind the Story'

Summer in the middle of Australia is what some (or most!) would call uninviting...

but we decided to go anyway!

See 'The Story Behind the Story' and how this trip pushed everyone to their limits.

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So after working at 4WD Action where there was a lot of episodes that we were having to spit out, I really got used to working on the fly and changing plans at the last minute. If the weather changes or if National Parks declined your permit or whatever it may be you kind of just have to think on your feet and go with it and find somewhere else to film because you've still got to meet that deadline. Not long after LowRange had started we had planned to go down to Tasmania and that was in the schedule; everyone had the schedule heading to Tassie but not long before we had to leave I got a call from Roothy saying “look I've just had a call from a mate in Alice Springs and apparently they've just had a heap of rain out there and everything's going to be green which doesn't happen very often”. He said “Well January is not ideal for going into the centre - it's going to be really uncomfortable but I think the shots that we could get would be worth it”. And I thought that sounded awesome. You know this is one of those opportunities that are a once in a lifetime thing and you don't want to miss it. We went about planning to head to the centre. Unfortunately when we got to the airport though I realised I hadn't told the photographer Anthony Warry about the change in locations so unfortunately he had packed big jackets and clothes for a colder climate. The heat was intense. I mean we'd get out of the car to get a shot and it was like you couldn't breathe. But we had air conditioning. John had no air conditioning and apparently the temperature in the cabin was hitting 55 degrees on a regular basis. So the conditions were extremely dangerous. Glen was just miserable. I've never seen Glen more miserable. He just hates the heat and he could not sleep at night to the point where he sometimes would just go in to the car and sleep with the aircon on. One night he even went down to the river bed and slept. I think it was a creek - slept in the creek bed. I was probably the least bothered by the heat. I didn’t mind it and in fact my sugar levels were amazing. It was like for those two weeks I didn't have diabetes anymore and when I spoke to my endocrinologist about it apparently the heat can have a positive effect on sugar levels. The shots that we got were just amazing and it was a fantastic unforgettable experience. There was a plague of crickets at one point as well but that's the kind of stuff that makes the trip unforgettable.


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